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What do you want?

A teenager went on their first date with their first sweetheart. They walked into a fast-food restaurant and the teen walked straight to a table and left their date to order for them. Their date called them back into the line and told them to order whatever they wanted. They responded, "Whatever you get for me is fine." Their date, unsatisfied with their response, demanded, "No, you look at the menu and choose for yourself." The teen looked up at the menu on the overhead, looked from left to right, and became completely overwhelmed. They realized that it had been so long since they ordered anything for themselves that they no longer knew what they wanted or even how to choose.

Do you feel this way about relationships? Do you ever look at people around you and wonder if they would be in your life if you could choose your circle of friends? Have you felt that way about your spouse? Do you ever feel like they chose you, but you didn't choose them? Have you ever felt discontent with your spouse or your friends? Sometimes, the grass appears to be greener on the other side. Cliche', I know, but it's true.

Sometimes we don't really know what we want in relationships. When we get what we thought we wanted, we realize that that wasn't what we really wanted after all. So, the question is, what do think you really want in a relationship? Here's your chance to tell me. I'm doing some research to learn what people think they really want from a relationship. Here's a link to brief four-question survey:

After I get at least 100 people to take the survey, I will post the results on here so you can see what others think they want in a relationship. Then, I'll try to help you fine tune your wants and enjoy more rewarding relationships.

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