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He Must Increase...

Discover the seven daily spiritual life principles that have helped others experience greater joy and peace in the Lord, 

and learn how to apply them in a daily, moment-by-moment basis.

The 13-week class, "He Must Increase...," is now condensed in this  nine-chapter book.

Seven Daily Spiritual Life Principles

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Discover the following seven spiritual life principles:


  1.  Embrace the Sovereignty of God

  2.  Embrace the Grace of God

  3.  Embrace the Presence of God

  4.  Embrace the Perspective of God

  5.  Embrace Your Identity in Christ

  6.  Embrace the Mind of Christ

  7.  Embrace the Christ Life

Experience these seven spiritual life principles as you

  1. Learn how to live these principles in practical ways

  2. Learn how to turn these principles into characteristics of your existence 

  3. Learn how living these principles can foster a paradigm shift in your relationship with God

  4. Learn how living these principles can foster a paradigm shift in your relationship with life

  5. Learn how living these principles can empower you to engage with life as God intended

- Available on Kindle and in Paperback -

He Must Increase...


He Must Increase...

This is the book containing all seven spiritual life principles from the classes.  It contains reflective questions at the end of each chapter.

Available in Kindle and paperback.

He Must Increase...
The Journal

This is a 13-week daily journal comprised of a daily scripture reading, a brief reflection, reflective questions, and a guided prayer.

He Must Increase...
Group Leader's Edition


This is the same as the original book with guidance for small group leaders as they lead groups through the reading and discussion of each chapter.

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Mountain Cliff Hiker

He Must Increase.. The 13-Week Class

The 13-week class is an intensive class explaining the details that the book summarizes.  When you sign-up for the class, you receive a copy of the book, a copy of the journal, and a copy of the complete notes for the 2024 class.

Join the next class in Glendale, AZ!

The "He Must Increase…" class is the 13-week class that the book "He Must Increase…” is based on and is taught by the author in person.  It is a highly practical class that addresses the entire Christian experience.  Biblically sound and presented on the evidenced-based framework of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), this class will teach the following seven life principles that are effective in helping you experience the Christ Life:


                Embrace the Sovereignty of God

                Embrace the Grace of God

                Embrace the Presence of God

                Embrace the Perspective of God

                Embrace Your Identity in Christ

                Embrace the Mind of Christ

                Embrace the Christ Life

Whether or not you feel like you’re struggling with your personal growth or your life experiences, these seven spiritual life principles are biblical, practical, proven, and priceless for everyone who desires to fully experience God and His will.  


The next class will be held at LifeTree Counseling located at 7075 W Bell Rd, Suite A1, Glendale, AZ 85308 (  The class begins Tuesday, April 2, 2024 at 6:00 p.m. and continues weekly until June 25.  The class fees are $125/person or $200/couple and include the three books listed below.


Each class member will receive a copy of “He Must Increase…”, the “He Must Increase… 13-Week Daily Journal,” and a copy of the class notes.  As an additional bonus, once you complete the class, you may retake the class for free as many times as you would like.  Completion of the class requires that you do not miss more than two of the thirteen classes.  A certificate of completion will be provided for those who complete the class.


The class is taught by Doniel Gudeman, MABC, an ordained minister, a biblical counselor, a nearly 40-year ministry veteran, and the author of the “He Must Increase…” series of books and classes. He is a graduate of Luther Rice College and Seminary.  He has received additional training through the Arizona Trauma Institute in understanding and working with trauma, including personal trauma, family trauma, c-PTSD, spiritual trauma, and more.  This training earned him two previous trauma-related certifications.  He is the primary biblical counseling and life coaching provider for DVBC referrals, the owner/operator of his own biblical counseling and life coaching practice, and the Program Director for LifeTree Counseling’s IOP programs.  He is a certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator and has facilitated Prepare/Enrich and Grace Based Parenting classes at Desert View Bible Church. 


Class Recommendations:

“I cannot sing enough praises of Don's course, ("He Must Increase…").  Don created a safe and nurturing environment where I was able to learn, share, experience, and grow in my relationship with God.  The class taught me what I need to do in order to walk in the Spirit and how to do it.  I especially appreciated the way Don brought together both biblical and clinical knowledge and experiences to ground my learning.  I have returned to my notebook many times since taking the class to aid in the implementation of these essential life skills. This class has been instrumental in my walk with God and helped me learn how to die to self and embrace the beautiful life God has designed for me. ("He Must Increase…”) has my highest recommendation.”

 - Amy A. 


 “I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking not only for growth but for true transformation in their lives. The (“He Must Increase…”) class taught by Don grasped my attention from day one. Every session that was presented I found could be utilized in my life, helping to sustain me in circumstances I was going through and building me up to press even further into my future. The way the material is presented helps you to retain the information and also be interactive in the process.

“Thank you, Don, for not only creating this class but for sowing healing and strength into the lives of others.”

- Andre L.C.


“My husband and I took this class in 2022.  Don taught us several valuable life skills from a Christian perspective, each one leading us toward the goal of effectively walking in the Spirit of God. Handouts were provided each week with detailed notes, references for further research and daily questions that led us into deeper thinking about the lesson. Don has wisdom and deep insights to share in this area and he accomplishes this with humor, wit and excellence. We feel we are now much better equipped to live daily in submission to Him, walking in His Spirit.”

- David and Kathy K.

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LifeTree Counseling

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Suite A1

Glendale, AZ 85308


Call to leave a message, email, or complete the form to add your name to the class roster.  Payment will be collected on the first day of the class. 

Cash and Card are accepted (No Checks). 

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