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Sat on the Rocks

What are People Saying?

NOTE:  I am a Biblical Counselor and Life Coach, not a state licensed counselor.  Each of my clients is completely aware of this.  However, in some of the testimonials below, I have corrected their terminology to prevent the misperception of my role.  I have also removed the names of the clinics where they have seen me in this role.

"Don Gudeman took the desperate call to help my husband and I when we were on the brink of separation. He was extremely flexible in working us into his schedule for a customized session. He provided honest feedback to both of our perspectives after we each had a chance to share our concerns. He called upon his clinical and spiritual backgrounds equally, and also offered candid advice based on his own life experience. We considered him to be the "straight-shooter" we needed in that time. Our marriage was in crisis when we sought (guidance) with Don Gudeman, and since our time with him we've been on a healthier of renewal."

T. S.


"Don is providing valuable Christian (guidance) to us .  His extensive knowledge and experiences has give us new ways to deal with the way we respond to our problems in the kindness of the Spirit rather than the self centered response of the Flesh.  We have significantly benefited from his (guidance) and highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for this service."

T. & S. M.


"After struggling with depression and alcohol abuse for years, Don Gudeman has helped me to better understand myself and my relationship with others.  When I first met with Don, I was unsure what to expect, just another counselor/therapist and I had no success with others.  He guided me through a process to understand and understand/manage my thoughts and move on to living life in a way I could embrace and enjoy.  This has resulted in better relationships with family and ongoing success with sobriety and living a more satisfying life."  



"Don was my (Spiritual Coach) at ----- -------- Center. When I first came to treatment I was a mess and was in need of help. I had been using substances for 37 years and had never been to treatment before. I believed in a Higher Power and went to church faithfully but did not have a full grasp on the power of what Jesus could do for me. I met Don on my first night of treatment and we took a liking to each other and I was placed into his group therapy program. Over the next several months, he walked with me on a therapeutic spiritual journey that changed my life. I was able to get sober and deepen my spiritual walk with God and Jesus. Don challenged me to broaden my horizon with spiritual mediation and emerse myself in  christian music (which I still listen to today). Don is a caring individual with a deep understanding of the Bible and knows the challenges that one faces when trying to change addictive behaviors. I am forever grateful for my journey with him and will always remember what he taught me."



"It was my privilege to work with Don Gudeman for over a year while affiliated with ------ -------.  I was a part of (the) Intensive Outpatient Therapy group.  I started attending this before, and after a very difficult divorce, alcohol and sex addiction and a suicide attempt.

I found Don differentiated himself from any other counselor I have ever seen.  First, he definitely holds you accountable.  There were many times I did NOT want to go to group because I knew he could see right through me when I was not following the program.  He has a gentle way of scaring you straight.

He also had a genuine caring for his patients.  It was not a paycheck or something he took lightly.  If you were not doing well you could see true empathy with Don.  He is not a counselor who just gives counsel from books.  He is a man who has lived life and can counsel from his own successes and failures.  He also does this while incorporating Biblical principles which you can apply along your journey.

Lastly, Don always makes himself available as best he can even when you aren't in an appointment.  You are a person, not a slot in an appointment book.  I would recommend anyone to see Don for (coaching), life, or marital advice.  Like the old phrase says, it may not be easy, but it will be worth it.  I can definitely say I am a different, happier, more empathetic and loving man since receiving (help) from Don."


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