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Sat on the Rocks

About Me

Experienced. Supportive.

Sometimes, I wish I could tell you that I lived the perfect life and have figured out how to help you have the perfect life.  Other times, I wish I could tell you that I was a substance abuser who spent time incarcerated, got out, got clean, met a princess, and now I'm a multimillionaire after being "x" many years clean and sober.  The truth is, I've lived a life that was anything but boring, complete with trauma from well-intending, loving parents who struggled with their own issues.  I got married too young to a girl I thought I knew well.  I incorrectly thought I had life figured out.

At my worst, I held multiple pastoral and ministry positions while working regular jobs that kept my wife and children living right around the poverty level for many years.  I struggled with trauma from the last five years of living with my parents and how that affected my view of life and relationships.  My marriage went to Hell in a hand basket six months after we were married.  It was a living hell for the majority of the next twenty years. I developed unhealthy coping mechanisms and even addictive behaviors. Somewhere around our 19th year of marriage, we separated.  I had lost my career in the medical field, I wasn't in the ministry, and I was poised to lose our home.  

Fast forward ten years, and my wife and I are back together.  We lost that house but now have a much smaller and more affordable home.  We've experienced counseling, healing, and even more heartaches.  We are still healing.  We aren't in a perfect relationship, and our life hasn't had a storybook ending.  Instead, we have learned how to survive, empathize, and be healed - and now I'm ready to help you experience the same!

Shortly after my wife and I got back together, we lost our big, beautiful house that we had built for us, and we ended up in a twenty year old single wide mobile home.  We joined a small church around the corner from our home.  When the pastor invited us to join a mid-week Bible study, we gladly agreed to do so.  We showed up, and it turned out to be group therapy!  I was ticked!  We continued to go anyway because my wife realized it was great for her, and she thought it would be good for me.  I hated it, but I attended for what felt like a year.  When it was over, I didn't want it to stop because God had changed me drastically, and I didn't want to go back to the way I was before.  So, I went back to school for the same type of counseling.  Halfway through my Master's program, I realized I wasn't doing this for just my own good, because I couldn't shut up about what God had done in my life and was still doing.  I realized I was there to learn how to help others experience the same success and joy I was experiencing.

I have since served as the president of the Board of Directors of a non-profit counseling center, introduced organizations to the process of becoming trauma-informed, started my own biblical counseling and life coaching practice, become the program manager of IOP programs at a counseling clinic, developed a 13-week course on seven spiritual life principles, taught this class regularly at different ministries, and written books about the seven spiritual life principles.

This is my story:  from trauma, addictive behaviors, emotional issues, broken relationships, and poverty to the path of healing and a hopeful future.  What's your story?  Can you relate?  Let me walk with you: we can navigate your new life together.  

Why Me?

What sets me apart from most Biblical Counselors and Life Coaches is my level of education, my training and certifications, and a life story to validate my knowledge and abilities to help you.

When I came to Arizona at the age of 19, I had $60 in my pocket, no job, no transportation, no place to live, and no education. Today, I've been married 35 years, I have children and grandchildren, an education, and a rich work history. I have both prospered and lost nearly everything in my life. survived trauma, a rocky marriage at best, relationship issues, financial issues, severe self-image issues, spiritual crises, and more. I am a survivor, and I want to help you survive and thrive!

My Education

- BA in Religion and Ministry (2015), Luther Rice University

- MA in Biblical Counseling (2019), 

Luther Rice College and Seminary

Additional Training

- Prepare / Enrich Facilitator

- Trauma Specialist - Individuals (2019), / Arizona Trauma Institute

- Trauma Specialist - Family Trauma (2019), / Arizona Trauma Institute

- Advanced Training in Treatment of Complex-PTSD (2020), / Arizona Trauma Institute

- Multiple CE classes and workshops related to the treatment of trauma, eating disorders, and various developmental issues


- Licensed for Ministry (1996)

- Certified Prepare / Enrich Facilitator (2019-current)

- Certified Trauma Professional (2019-2020)

- Certified Family Trauma Professional (2019-2023)

- Ordained for ministry (2023)

Professional Memberships

- American Association of Christian Counselors (2018-present)

- International Association of Trauma Professionals (2019)

- National Association of Christian Ministers (2023)

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